Rules of Play

The game of golf played under the auspices of the FAIRFIELD SENIORS GOLF ASSOCIATION will be played in conformity with the “RULES OF GOLF” as governed by the USGA unless otherwise established by the HSR “Local Rules” and/or tournament committees.

Rulebooks are readily available in the Pro Shop. Failure to comply with the Rules of Golf will result in penalties being assessed and/or disqualification from tournaments.

Slow play will not be tolerated. Players can and will receive warnings from the Rangers, Tournament committee and/or Pro Shop.

Certain practices of the past will not be allowed under the USGA rules. If a ball is hit out of bounds, or thought to be out of bounds, the player will hit a provisional ball under penalty of one stroke. Players over 75 years of age, or players with handicaps higher than 25 have the option of teeing off from the green tees on league days and they should account for this when entering their score in the GHIN computer for handicap calculation and annual competitions.