Online Signup Developed by Colin Dailey


Online Event Sign Up/Withdrawal


This year we will utilize the internet to sign up for ALL FSGA golf events including, weekly HSR play, Outings and Tournaments. If there is an entry fee into the event, members will still have to deposit their checks, 8 days in advance of the event, in the FSGA Mailbox located in the Pro Shop.

To access the feature, click on the Online Sign Up and you will be prompted to, “log in” using your HSR Local Number as your username.  The system will identify you and you are now ready to proceed. To sign up for a posted event, simply click on the desired event and. 1. type your HSR Local Number in box then, 2. select your tee time and, 3. click on the Sign Up button at the bottom. That's it! You will automatically receive an email confirmation of your sign up.

To withdraw from a posted, or closed, event, 1. click on My Current Event Signups and then, 2.  Click on Withdrawal.  You will automatically receive an email confirmation of your withdrawal.

Once you have successfully logged into the Online Sign Up, you can quickly see who has already signed up for an event and their tee time.  This would be useful for those members who wish to play with any particular members.  In the Event Signups section, 1. click on View Signups.

Members who wish to sign up/withdraw other members will be able to do so, one at a time, going into the feature each time using each members Local Number.

Any withdrawals for any posted or closed event MUST be made using the FSGA website.  The pro shop will not accept withdrawals for FSGA events.