Flight Competition

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How it Works:

Flight competition was introduced to allow players to compete with each other to determine the best players in each FSGA Flight. From the first league day (Wednesday) after May 15 to the last league day (Wednesday) before September 15, players earn points for placing in various events during this period. The points are compiled throughout the May 15 to September 15 period and at the end of the year there is one (1) winner from each Flight. These winners have truly proven to be the best players and have performed to a high level throughout the year.

The present format that the FSGA uses for purposes of awarding prizes at year end is as follows:

The FSGA is divided into six (6) flights of players, grouped by handicaps.  Flight 1 consists of players with handicaps from an 8 up to a 14, while Flight 6 consists of players with handicaps of 30 and up.

All players must sign up through the FSGA website and play within the tee time block.  On Golf Days, scores will be accepted for play at any time that day.  HSR employees with work conflicts during the block of tee times are eligible to play any time on the league day.

All players playing on scheduled play dates and Golf Days MUST post their scores into the GHIN system.  Having done so, all scores are collected by the Handicap Chairman, sorted by flight, calculated according to one’s handicap and a winner is established for each flight for that day of play.

Everyone who has played gets points, from the winner of the day who earns four (4) points down to the last player who earns one (1) point.   The FSGA has established one rule though.  No one person can be a weekly winner more than twice.

At seasons end, ALL players from each of the six (6) flights who have had a weekly win are eligible for prize monies.  Also, the top three (3) players from each flight who have amassed the most cumulative points during the season are eligible for prize monies.