Club Championship

All members may compete for the Club Championship.  This is a “net” tournament and 80% handicaps will apply.  All matches will be match play, single elimination.  Player handicaps used will be as of the day of the match.  Sign-up for the Club Championship, will be on the website, www.fairfieldseniorgolf.com using the On Line Event Sign Up/Withdrawal.


The Tournament Chairman will create brackets, post pairings and schedule play on the website, www.fairfieldseniorgolf.com  and on the FSGA Bulletin Board for the Club Championship.

Click Here to See 2017 Club Championship Brackets and Pairings

Any match in the Club Championship may be played from the green tees, only if both players agree.  If both players do not agree to play from the green tees, the match will be played from the white tees.
The winner will receive a framed certificate confirming their championship status for that year.

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