Welcome New Members!

Here's how to get started:

Click Here to Download the FSGA 2019 Membership Application (.pdf)

Place your completed application and check payable to FSGA in the FSGA mailbox located in the Pro Shop or mail to: Ronald Wayne, 37 Bay Edge Court, Fairfield, CT 06824.

  1. Please be sure you have been approved as a new member. As a new addition to our club, you must have been approved by the FSGA Membership Chairman before you can proceed with your membership.

  2. As part of your FSGA membership fee, you have paid for, and will be provided with a GHIN number.  However, FSGA will not use your GHIN handicap in our competitions.  The FSGA Handicap Committee utilizes its own Handicap Software and all FSGA members receive a FSGA Handicap which is based upon each members performance in FSGA league play.
  3. For personal GHIN handicap purposes, once you have been assigned a "local number", you can then use your local number to enter your scores into the GHIN computer, located in the clubhouse, to enter your scores into the GHIN system and track your GHIN handicap.

Posting Scores

FSGA members must deposit their completed scorecard, signed and attested, in the FSGA box located in the clubhouse next to the GHIN computer for all rounds played in FSGA events.  Additionally, members may post their scores in the GHIN computer for tracking personal GHIN handicaps.  Complete instructions on how to post scores in the GHIN computer are located on the bulletin board near the GHIN computer

Handicap Revision Schedule

FSGA handicaps are published weekly on the FSGA website.  Please refer to the Handicap Bulletin Board at the golf course for the current GHIN handicap revision schedule. 

New Members and GHIN Deletions

New members who do not have an established handicap will receive an FSGA handicap.

For members who have not renewed their memberships by May 1st, your GHIN handicap can take a few days to reactivate in the computer.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the sign up process  or any other handicap issues, please contact our handicap and membership chairman, Ronald Wayne rkwayne@optonline.net 203-362-8084.